being Artist on Youtube

    hello everyone this is nineret i am doing animation for youtube
    basically i draw animation for daily (if possible) and upload on youtube
    lets see how far i get into...
    start at 20 feb 2023
    also here is my channel

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    Skipped to Day 5

      its normally day on youtube , i did animation on my channel. but for now i gain 2 subscriber and 111 view so far... :D

    Day 6

      another normal day on youtube , nothing else happen.... now i am at 2 subscriber and 159 view and uploaded 5 video so far...

    Day 7

      Thanks you everyone i read all of ur comment... i am at 7 sub and 192 views so far... ^__^

    Day 8

      finally the day i want to draw one of mai fav animation meme.. and song.. i really like that animation meme as much.. for now i am at 12 sub and 301 views so far... ^P^ thx everyone for support

    Day 9

      ahhh... almost 10 day time goes really fast... to be honest... i ever do count with game development which very cosmune time of my life which also cause i lost my childhood.....

    skipped to day 11

      sorry about that.. i forget that exist... this day were randomness with my work and my busy... anyway.. 17 sub and 491 views so far... >o< thx everyone

    skipped to day 13

      once again... i forget to say that but i am attempt to upload video as much as possible but i just ran out of idea.... i mean i got bored of making same animation meme... i need story... anyway 18 sub and 624 views so far thx :D

    day 14

      somehow people started to comment on my lastest video.. i dont know what happen anyway i uploaded 1 video for 10th video celebartion gotten 22 sub and 659 views so far :DD

    skipped to day 29

      sorry. for not uploading video such an long time.. i will make sure that i will upload video on 1 apirl of this year :D 1061 views and 29 subs

    skipped to day 41

      hey i am bak!!! ^_^ gotten 1129 views and 32 subs

    skipped to day 46

      uploaded a video an now i just spent 2 day for that video xDDD .... 1273 views and 34 subs so far

    skipped to day 50

      it been so long i havent upload yet... i am at 36 sub and 1396 views

    skipped to day 62

      hi.. this is 6 years for my channel already... 40 sub and 1533 views yay :3

    skipped to day 70

      I uploaded 1 video today not sure i am doing pretty good... 60 sub and 2072 views yay :3

    skipped to day 76

      ;w; my i feel bad for uploading this.... feel like lazy person 62 sub and 2230 views recorded

    skipped to day 101

      2 day ago i uploaded video that being inspire by mimikitty49 on youtube, miracle happen for some unknown people come to watch that video unsual.... 118 sub and 4058 views for now

    skipped to day 128

      a few day ago i got my art-style finally mine one after i tried to draw so many time i mean attempt for now today i uploaded 1 video :3 .... 176 sub and 7514 views thanks

    skipped to day 157

      yesterday i did attempt to learn how to draw my own art-style kinda easy? but took me 2 day to do that ;w; sorry about that ayyy.... 202 sub and 8780 views thanks you very much!

    skipped to day 220

      This is biggest day leap ever... because I don't update site often, but thanks everyone for my birthday 3 day ago, I've improve alot about drawing :3! than ever thanks to mimi, for now I had like 309 sub and 14989 views thanks you everyone! XD